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1. Rumblings point to impending San Andreas earthquake – is New Madrid next?

2. Employee admits FBI was behind Alex Jones lawsuit and agents were in the crowd on January 6

3. CIA officer confirms it has "advisors" in Ukraine – "a well-known secret"

4. Russia investigating Ukrainian firm linked to Hunter Biden for financing terrorist attacks

5. House Judiciary Committee summons Big Tech CEOs to produce censorship collusion correspondence with feds

6. Israel LIED about Flour Massacre: Report shows Israeli soldiers opened fire on starving Palestinians

7. Avoid toxic contaminants like heavy metals and microplastics in salt by switching to Pink Himalayan Salt

8. Texas school district employees charged with illegal ELECTIONEERING

9. Trump blasts RINO Sen. Graham for criticizing his stance on ABORTION

10. Parents in Seattle furious over program for gifted children being terminated simply because "it had too many White students"

11. Israel to destroy Iran's NUCLEAR facilities if Tehran follows through on revenge threats

12. Russia, China discussing plans to "double counteract" U.S.-led alliance of Western nations

13. Weight loss, not the drug, is behind unexpected pregnancies reported by women taking Ozempic, experts explain

14. Government comes up with another new excuse for the genocide they've unleashed upon the planet: 'accelerated aging' among the young is causing all of these 'turbo cancers'

15. Common bandages contain alarming levels of cancer-causing PFAS, which leach directly into the blood

16. Johnson County, Texas, passes resolution banning toxic biosolid applications

17. Chemtrail conspiracies have become reality, as corporate media sells geoengineering as the solution for climate change

18. Top 5 ways the FDA and CDC engaged in genocide of Americans during Covid-19 plandemic

19. Experts claim 2024 Atlantic hurricane season could be one of the most active ever (but they always say that)

20. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports ZERO GROWTH in manufacturing jobs in March

21. Chinese renminbi replacing the U.S. dollar as most traded currency in Russia's foreign exchange market

22. Outdoor apparel company The North Face named as major sponsor of LGBT youth camp that grooms kids to become drag queens

23. New "data protection" bill in the U.K. expands ability of banks and corporations to surveil customers

24. Sierra Leone stationing armed police outside cemeteries to prevent graverobbers from STEALING HUMAN BONES for use as drug ingredients

25. Hawaii lawmakers force journalist group to ensure its sources are "ethical and objective"

26. Mark Zuckerberg overtakes Elon Musk as third wealthiest person in the world

27. Since COVID, there's been something just as weird about all those rampaging mobs - "protestors," "migrants," "shoplifters" and "terrorists"—as there is about "the virus" and those "wildfires"

28. Nicotine - A missing piece of the therapeutic puzzle concerning the bioweapons of the jab and COVID-19

29. Proof America's critical infrastructure is under all out attack to rush 'a thinning of the herd': 'Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence but three times is an enemy action'

30. 'From the depths of hell': Inside the profound evil of transgender ideology

31. Four years later, Fox News now admits to the entire COVID origins conspiracy and cover-up

32. CIA officer brags agency "can put anyone in jail" by "setting 'em up" – Alex Jones announces intention to sue

33. X employees in Brazil threatened with arrest over censorship beef with government, warns Elon Musk

34. Oblivious NATO chief tells members to stand up to "authoritarian powers" – does this include NATO member nation tyranny?

35. FBI entrapped 18-year-old Idaho man into "attempting to provide material support to ISIS" in yet another false flag plot

36. Pfizer issues apology after British regulator pushes back against their COVID-19 vaccine fraud

37. Your favorite brands of spices may be tainted with toxic metals

38. ILLEGAL MIGRATION under Biden nears aggregate total of LEGAL MIGRATION processed at Ellis Island in New York for 62 years

39. Zimbabwe introduces new currency BACKED BY GOLD

40. EU plans to monitor private online chats under the guise of combating child abuse

41. Study: Most gender-confused children OUTGROW gender dysphoria during adulthood

42. LGBTQ-themed books top list of most challenged library books of 2023

43. Groups take FDA to court over its inaction toward banned livestock drug RACTOPAMINE

44. Blinken pushing Ukraine into NATO to start WWIII

45. OBSOLETE MAN: Leading economist warns that “almost all forms of human labor” will be taken over by AI

46. Ridiculous article in The Independent warns that climate change is threatening the incomes of trans prostitutes in Indonesia

47. Far-right Israeli leaders are scrambling to prolong war in Gaza to try to save their own political careers

48. Turkey announces ban on certain exports to Israel until a ceasefire is achieved in Gaza

49. It is time for the UN to end Israel's colonial occupation, revoke Israel's charter and return the land to Palestine

50. BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Amazon's "AI grocery store" is actually run by 1,000 Indian employees watching customers through video feeds

51. Former Ethereum advisor files $9.6B lawsuit against Biden administration stemming from false charges and corruption of federal agents

52. Globalism on the airwaves: Soros fund now bankrolling radio stations

53. MORE SCAMDEMIC FEAR: EU officials warn of the dangers of BIRD FLU, lament the "lack of immune defenses" against it

54. FOOD FEAR: Former FDA and USDA food safety advisor warns against consumption of rare steaks, undercooked eggs and desserts amid completely drummed-up bird flu "outbreak"

55. 4 Natural solutions that can help address CANCER

56. Godfather of AI warns of 'battle robots'

57. Israel violating international law left and right, but U.S. claims no evidence of wrongdoing

58. Scotland’s new ‘hate speech’ law expresses the ruling elites’ contempt for ordinary people

59. 'Empty executive suite': Boeing insider lays out company's descent into diversity obsession

60. SXSW is accused of using copyright and trademark claims to suppress criticism

61. Report finds China uses fake accounts and AI-generated content to manipulate public opinion (but so does the U.S. government and the CDC)

62. DEEP STATE AGENT: Former AG Bill Barr became “irate” when authorities wanted to investigate voter fraud allegations surrounding rigged 2020 election

63. Soros-backed New York AG Letitia James used lawfare to shut down VDARE conservative magazine

64. Israel threatens to drop NUKES if U.S. stops sending free weapons to the murderous Zionist regime

65. IDF commanders are telling soldiers in Gaza to KILL all men of fighting age, even if they are unarmed and not engaged in acts of war

66. The COMMUNIST INFILTRATION of America's educational curriculum and children's minds

67. Protect your home with a non-toxic natural solution that's effective against pesky insects

68. Another container ship "loses power" in NYC harbor right before Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

69. BE AFRAID: A bird flu pandemic could be "100 times worse than COVID," warn researchers in obvious fear mongering psyop

70. Plans to install 480 new cameras in Oakland along California freeways raise mass surveillance concerns

71. National security threat: China building a bridge in Central America to fuel U.S. MIGRANT CRISIS

72. Texas gender clinic faces backlash for performing EXPERIMENTAL and DANGEROUS genital surgeries

73. Extremist ministers in Netanyahu's government demand OFFENSIVE on Rafah following IDF's temporary withdrawal from Gaza

74. Benjamin Netanyahu's son LIVING IN LUXURY in Florida while thousands of Israelis are called to rejoin IDF

75. Canadian legislators receive SALARY INCREASES on the same day Trudeau announces 23% carbon tax hike

76. As more young people die from turbo cancers, the globalists roll out their next psy-op, a perfect candidate for 'disease X' - doctors warn H5N1 could be 100x worse than COVID

77. Molecular geneticist explains how mRNA vaccines were designed to conquer the human mind

78. Pharmaceutical industry is deceiving doctors while utterly failing to make significant contributions to treating chronic disease

79. The TOTAL COST of being SICK from conventional food vs. the "higher" price of organic food that yields much better health and immunity

80. Democrats allegedly used "Black Epstein" to scare millennials with "Vote or Die!" campaign

81. POLL: Trump favored to win as voters doubt Biden's ability to complete another term

82. Biden admin approves more stringent rules covering "forever chemicals" in drinking water

83. Hezbollah leader says Israel's very existence is now at risk

84. UN Human Rights Council passes resolution calling for suspension of arms sales to Israel

85. Israeli spy chief BLOWS HIS COVER after authoring a book published on Amazon about AI-driven warfare

86. Mysterious radiation leak forces city in Russian Far East to declare state of emergency

87. UN "peacemakers" kill civilians while WHO staff rape children – and these corrupt globalist bodies want more control over our lives

88. Ukrainian men paying DISABLED WOMEN for marriage to escape the draft

89. Japanese telecommunications giant and major newspaper warn that social order could COLLAPSE in the AI era

90. Report: U.K. spending tens of millions on WOKE RESEARCH

91. Biden regime just proved once and for all that the US government is the most corrupt organization in the world, and it’s not even close

92. VIDEO: Israeli soldiers shoot starving Palestinians collecting aid in Gaza

93. World War III is now inevitable – here's why it can't be avoided

94. Vibe shift

95. Biden Regime worked to DIVIDE THE NATION even more when he declared Easter Sunday as "Transgender Day of Visibility"

96. mRNA COVID jabs caused one in four Saudis to suffer heart issues, "bombshell" study finds

97. January 6 participants file class action lawsuit over police misconduct, brutality

98. Sneaky QR code labeling HIDES GMOs in food

99. Moscow terror attack suspects had pro-Ukraine imagery on their cellphones, investigators claim

100. Tens of thousands of protesters in Israel call for Netanyahu to resign