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1. Government, Big Tech colluding to control flow of information

2. 10 Ways Russia can respond to the pipeline destruction: While an EMP would send America back to the 18th century, a 100' tsunami awaits US cities via Putin's underwater drone nukes

3. Biological male dominating opponents in women's pro disc golf

4. Grocery store discounts are getting harder to find as food inflation soars

5. Winter gas shortage inevitable as Germans turn on the heat early due to September cold wave

6. 140M People left without electricity in Bangladesh after national grid failure

7. CROP COLLAPSE: Florida citrus crops DESTROYED by Hurricane Ian

8. Man earns $21,000 selling guns he made on a 3D printer at New York gun buyback event

9. Vermont high school blocks members of girls' volleyball team from their own locker room after they complained about presence of trans student

10. Bolsonaro defies odds, forces second round of voting in Brazil's presidential election

11. Supply chain crunch still affecting automobile industry as Ford's trademark blue oval badges, nameplates run out

12. Absurd: Climate activists say food production is the cause of global environmental crisis

13. Super typhoon Noru that hit the Philippines intensified in less than 6 hours: Weather manipulation at play?

14. Natural healing: The medicinal benefits of cayenne pepper

15. Safe and clean: 8 Non-toxic alternatives to common household cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients

16. Chickens, cows and more: Things to consider before choosing livestock for your homestead

17. The dystopian vision of the health information police

18. Minnesota high school students stage a walk out protest in opposition to anti-white racism

19. Schools are now encouraging children to ‘transition’ without telling parents

20. British PM Liz Truss vows to usher in 'The Great Reset'

21. MORE EVIL THAN HITLER: American Medical Association endorses horrific medical MUTILATIONS of children, demands police state DOJ arrest anyone who disagrees

22. "We own the science," brags UN representative at World Economic Forum

23. Biden admin essentially admits to sabotaging Russian pipeline, saying it represents 'tremendous opportunity'

24. Goya Foods founder, CEO warns the ‘New World Order’ is using inflation to 'enslave humanity'

25. Water levels rapidly declining in the Mississippi River, threatening corn and soybean exports during this crucial harvest season

26. GOT SCIATICA? Huge uptick in sciatica cases since Covid-19 vaccine campaign began

27. Babies are DYING after drinking breast milk from "fully vaccinated" moms

28. Planned Parenthood to set up mobile abortion clinics at borders of "red" states

29. Another "plant-based" fake meat company, Planterra, bites the dust

30. Climate change-obsessed media giants ACTIVELY LIE about hurricanes in total contradiction to actual science

31. New study: mRNA from COVID shot found in the breast milk of 7 out of 11 vaxxed mothers

32. Pfizer DID NOT test its COVID-19 vaccine for possible effects on male fertility

33. Looters run amok in Florida following Hurricane Ian devastation

34. Health Ranger Report: Mike Adams and geoengineering expert Dane Wigington discuss how Hurricane Ian may have been WEAPONIZED

35. NEADA: US home heating bills to rise 17% year-over-year this winter

36. EV charging now nearly as expensive as filling up a car with gasoline

37. German economist: WEF plans to impose SOCIAL CREDIT system under the guise of "humanitarian act"

38. Aflatoxins pose serious health risks to humans and animals

39. The Dr. Ardis Show: 3 Fresno hospitals sued for using lethal "remdesivir protocol" on patients – Brighteon.TV

40. America Unhinged: Dr. John Diamond says Biden is part of Deep State cabal – Brighteon.TV

41. CDC data & scientific study suggest 1.2 million Americans may already have died due to COVID vaccination

42. Ukranian ambassador tells Elon Musk to 'f*ck off' for suggesting peace in Twitter post

43. San Francisco says no monkeypox shots for straight white people, but shots are free if you're black or a prostitute

44. Kamala Harris says relief from Hurricane Ian should be based on skin color, 'equity,' meaning whites get helped LAST

45. Elon Musk changes course, now says he plans to go through with Twitter purchase

46. Pfizer CEO backs out of testifying at EU Parliament after reports of backdoor dealings with European Commission president

47. Government, MSM gaslighting Americans about food industry sabotage and mysterious fires

48. Gas prices in Los Angeles County hits new record high of $6.466 – nearly double the national average

49. NY follows California's example, bans gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035

50. Germans rush to buy electric heaters as natural gas shortage looms

51. Survey reveals 29% of Americans are withdrawing their savings to cover basic costs of living

52. 125 People dead, over 100 injured in Indonesia soccer stadium riot

53. Crypto founder linked to $60 billion token collapse says he is NOT HIDING after Interpol issues arrest warrant

54. The Dr. Hotze Report: Karen Kingston says Biden's EO 14081 is all about transhumanism – Brighteon.TV

55. West's desperate play for war – Blowing up the pipelines

56. Planned Parenthood director claims biological men can have pregnancies

57. The practice of lying: The psychopathic nature of the US government

58. With a 'double whammy' hitting the system and the market going down, have gold and cash on hand

59. Russia deploys doomsday nuclear ocean drones as global economic MELTDOWN looms

60. MEDICAL MUTILATIONS: Hospitals increasing irreversible child transgender surgeries as American healthcare system descends into hellish nightmare for children

61. As they lose arguments, climate scientists call for ban on dissenting views

62. Hurricane Ian puts further stress on already strained supply chain that Biden regime has failed to address

63. Healthy young woman DIES just one day after getting "vaccinated" for covid

64. European farmers see writing on wall with energy crisis: food shortages are a certainty

65. mRNA spike proteins found in heart, brain of deceased "fully vaccinated" man

66. European telecommunications networks may go offline this winter due to energy crisis

67. Florida coastal towns devastated by Hurricane Ian "in panic mode" over shortages of water, food and gas... but help is on the way

68. China says massive dollar DUMP on the way, prepare for yuan buying spree

69. Mass die-off happening now: Close to 26,000 excess deaths recorded in England and Wales since April

70. White House COVID official admits six feet social distancing rule is MADE UP

71. Poll in pro-gun control Washington, DC finds 75% OPPOSE measure against Second Amendment

72. Survey: 79% of Americans NOT satisfied with the way things are going in the US

73. Europe now feeling the effects of Russian energy supply cutbacks as winter approaches

74. Hurricane Ian leaves over TWO MILLION Floridians without power

75. Researchers share 3 key steps to ensure optimal brain health

76. Consumer beware: Study reveals toxic "forever chemicals" in pesticides are entering the food supply

77. Voice assistants Siri and Alexa creating RUDE, ANTISOCIAL children

78. Dr. John Diamond: People need to take the media from the enemy's hands and make it a truth provider – Brighteon.TV

79. Is FBI using security clearances to muzzle critics? Whistleblower's lawyer says yes

80. Preparing to survive the rest of the Biden regime: Experts project things to get exponentially worse as food supply takes more hits, leading to even higher prices and more shortages

81. Putin places blame for Nordstream sabotage squarely on Biden after he threatened to shut it down over Ukraine invasion

82. Gavin Newsom turns California into abortion central, signs more than a dozen bills expanding medical violence against unborn babies

83. SIXTH property insurer declares bankruptcy after Hurricane Ian

84. Fauci calls for Beijing to be transparent about COVID origins

85. OIG audit reveals majority of NIH-funded trials FAILED to meet federal requirements

86. US military stockpiles at "dangerously low levels" not seen in decades due to military aid shipments to Ukraine

87. Ukraine territories annexed by Russia could serve as potential launchpads for further military action

88. British government funding experiments that involve feeding African children INSECTS

89. Studies: Vitamin C helps maintain healthy vision as you age

90. Hurricane Ian DEVASTATES Florida; full recovery expected to take years

91. Survival 101: Preparing for a nuclear emergency

92. Heat, shelter and survival: 22 Winter safety tips for preppers

93. Critical Disclosure with Jim White: Paul Preston explains the need for a new government in California – Brighteon.TV

94. Twitter hires army of FBI agents to conduct big brother surveillance

95. Girls at Vermont school banned from changeroom for objecting to presence of 'transgender' male student

96. The international monetary system is on the verge of collapse… Here's what comes next

97. EPIC CRASH COMETH? Aaron Brickman warns cycles, conditions now aligned for "perfect storm" stock market crash that could be WORSE than 1929

98. Putin exposes the truth about evil, SATANIC western leaders who PILLAGE the world and destroy human freedom

99. Federal Reserve goes authoritarian, set to force banks to adopt 'social score' system for customers similar to Communist China

100. NATO formally blames Nordstream pipeline damage on 'sabotage' - but won't say who carried it out