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1. Here we go again: MONKEYPOX is the next "scariant" being unleashed on the world to demand vaccine compliance

2. In their quest to live forever, evil elitists admit through "science" that children and babies are being harvested for their life essence

3. Abortion-loving college students create "Tribe for Death" group to harass their pro-life peers

4. Half of America to go dark this summer due to Biden's "Build Blackouts Better"

5. It's the end of the global economy as we know it (do you feel fine?)

6. It's really a pandemic of CONTROL over the people rather than one of a virus spreading

7. Biden economy: Increasing number of subprime borrowers are missing loan payments as 2008-style collapse builds

8. Mass die-off: Close to 180,000 died within 60 days of COVID-19 vaccination ­– England statistics office makes stunning admission

9. Ukraine reports two-thirds decrease in grain exports while global wheat prices skyrocket

10. Dr. Zelenko shares how the MSM smeared him for revealing the cure to COVID – Brighteon.TV

11. Doug Billings lauds Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for joining Republicans in blocking abortion bill – Brighteon.TV

12. Elon Musk: "Democratic party has been hijacked by extremists"

13. Baby kidnapped by authorities over missed medical appointment

14. 'I tried to gather your fire and rage': Emails show ACLU staffer wrote Amber Heard's 2018 WashPo #MeToo op-ed

15. Panicked CNN guest wonders "how we’re going to control the channels of communications in this country"

16. PayPal's Indymedia wipeout

17. Biden's 'disinformation board' is an unconstitutional thought-police bureau

18. Buffalo shooter used same neo-Nazi symbols as Ukrainian Azov Battalion... US reportedly trained and armed them

19. Congress to pass anti-price gouging legislation targeting Big Oil while PROTECTING insane price gouging and racketeering of Big Pharma

20. Gilead Sciences and the Gilead New World Order from HULU series Handmaid's Tale - From Science Fiction to the Science behind COVID-19 vaccines (op-ed)

21. Costa Rican government under siege from massive ransomware attack; hackers threaten to overthrow regime

22. Hundreds of Azovstal fighters in Ukraine surrender to Russian forces as Putin shakes up military leadership

23. Sri Lanka on the brink of bankruptcy, faces food, fuel and medicine shortages

24. Audit reveals HALF of Joe Biden's Twitter followers really are fake, to go along with his fake presidency and counterfeit votes in 2020

25. Want to live forever? Creepy science says "youth transplants" are the answer... but you first have to harvest blood and organs from children

26. Autopsy confirms British mother died of acute MYOCARDITIS after receiving Pfizer COVID shot

27. New engineered pandemic: US buys millions of vaccines as monkeypox outbreak hits Europe and North America

28. World Health Organization's pandemic treaty spells DOOM for democracy

29. Biden is trying to buy more allies for America before initiating World War III against Russia

30. The same left-wing, pro-abortion nut jobs who claim an unborn baby is simply "tissue" of the mother also claim that MEN can get pregnant and have abortions

31. Transgender biological man wins Red Bull's Cornerstone female skateboarding contest, prompting runner-up to speak out

32. Senior engineer at Twitter says platform is communist, "does not believe in free speech"

33. Microsoft's Bing search engine CENSORING searches for politically sensitive Chinese personalities

34. Canada bans Chinese tech giants Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks, citing security concerns

35. Domino effect: TerraUSD collapse sends Bitcoin, Ethereum crashing

36. Clay Clark: Luciferians pushing 666 in their quest to enslave humanity – Brighteon.TV

37. Fake news media claims disgraced disinfo czar was a victim of cyberbullying

38. Elon Musk says he was 'spot on' about Democrats being the party of hate after 'relentless hatestream'

39. NY AG Letitia James ignores First Amendment, vows to investigate online platforms after Buffalo shooting

40. "We are on the precipice" (of a global food crisis)

41. SOURCES: China preparing for "D-Day" INVASION of the continental United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California, as Biden and Newsom serve as China's accomplices

42. Is the "Great Replacement" really just a "theory?" No - Americans really are being replaced with migrants

43. Biden's discredited "disinformation" czar actually took part in disinfo operations in Europe to subvert democratic governments

44. Study suggests boosting testosterone makes leftist men more conservative

45. PEDOPHILES AND PLANDEMICS: Professor who advocated for pedophilia hired by Johns Hopkins University, the same organization pivotal in pushing the covid plandemic

46. FDA is "rotten to the core," says Dr. Robert Malone – the agency knew all along that covid "vaccines" cause viral replication

47. HIDING THE HARM: Pfizer documents expose doctor with ties to Bill Gates Foundation deleting trial participant's COVID vaccine injury

48. CDC data: Fully vaccinated kids are more likely to get COVID-19 than unvaccinated kids

49. FDA denies generic drug fluvoxamine emergency use authorization as COVID treatment

50. Ron DeSantis acts to protect Florida residents from left-wing protesting mobs, makes it illegal to picket at homes of intended targets

51. DHS says angry leftists plan to "storm the Supreme Court building" and "murder justices" if Roe v. Wade is overturned

52. Worldview Report: Pfizer knew all along its mRNA vaccine can't protect people from COVID – Brighteon.TV

53. Southern border could be under COMPLETE CONTROL of cartels if Title 42 ends, Border Patrol union head warns

54. Pastor David Scarlett slams Bill Gates for changing his tune, suddenly downplaying COVID-19 pandemic – Brighteon.TV

55. Insanity: Washington state gas stations running out of fuel, adding another digit to signs in anticipation of $10 gas

56. EU committing economic suicide by imposing sanctions on Russia

57. US stocks in trouble: Shares could go nowhere based on long-term valuations

58. Fortitude Ranch: A vacation resort that turns into a survival community when SHTF

59. Government claims DHS disinfo board is being shut down because of disinfo

60. Video: Democratic witness at judiciary committee abortion hearing says men can get pregnant and have abortions

61. Stanford says butchering and harvesting blood and organs from children can help adults achieve "immortality"

62. After sending America's baby formula supply to the southern border and creating a shortage, Biden invokes communist takeover of food supply

63. Latest Pfizer documents from FDA reveal adverse events were reported as "unrelated" to covid vaccine

64. More evidence emerges proving Pfizer committed fraud during COVID-19 vaccine trial

65. Study: Wearing a mask INCREASES risk of covid death

66. WELFARE NATION: More than half of US-born babies are eligible for WELFARE benefits, including food assistance

67. Bank of England governor warns of coming "apocalyptic" global food shortage

68. The biggest economic crash America will ever experience is coming, warn multiple financial experts

69. Biden's DHS dissolves Disinformation Governance Board, Jankowicz resigns

70. Biden now calling on Americans to reject REPLACEMENT THEORY despite promoting it back in 2015

71. Jeffrey Prather: Internal affairs, inspector general are the most corrupt because they can investigate anybody - Brighteon.TV

72. Study: Turmeric offers mental health benefits for overweight individuals

73. When misinformation drives bad policy

74. Regime media refuse to call mass surrender of Azov fighters holed up in Azovstal plant a surrender

75. Orbán warns West is subjecting itself to "suicide waves" of decline

76. Transgender mom is jailed for 25 years for 'heinous, cruel and depraved' crime of forcing daughter, 7, she fathered to take part in child porn: Three accomplices are also sentenced as prosecutor brands foursome a 'quartet of darkness'

77. Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers

78. Steve Bannon warns "the system is collapsing" – global supply chains are cratering and it's NOT just temporary

79. Biden's "disinformation board" is being shelved and its czarina, "Scary Poppins" Nina Jankowicz, is leaving

80. Elon Musk is exposing the great FRAUD of Twitter: It's mostly just AI bots pretending to be real people

81. United Nations announces and celebrates "replacement migration" in public documents

82. So much "news" coming out of Ukraine appears to be completely fabricated

83. Is it Wikipedia or "Woke-a-pedia?" The Online "dictionary" is chock full of Leftist propaganda and allopathic lies

84. Biden's new "disinformation" chief was "pleased" by censorship of Hunter Biden laptop stories

85. Former French marine returns from Ukraine, says "war crimes" are being committed by Ukrainian troops who would "skin Jews or Blacks"

86. Left-wing media attacks "2000 Mules" election fraud documentary by claiming geotracking data doesn't work, but the CDC used GPS geotracking to study social distancing

87. HUGE stockpiles of baby formula found at the border, proving the shortage was ENGINEERED by the White House to punish and starve America's babies

88. Vaccine Safety Research Foundation data shows nobody under the age of 60 should get the COVID vaccine

89. Dr. Robert Malone vows to resist vaccine mandate for children, talks about the Great Reset

90. WHO unveils tyrannical amendments in the name of health emergency preparedness

91. Accessory to murder: Oakland to become a "sanctuary city" for baby killers

92. Gasoline headed to $6.20 a gallon by August, warn JPMorgan analysts – EVERYTHING is going to get super expensive as a result

93. Putin deploys Iskander missiles after Finland declares intent to join NATO

94. China quietly building its own blockchain platform designed to extend its control over the internet

95. Mastercard rolls out payment system that uses FACIAL RECOGNITION technology

96. Study reveals standard heart attack treatment has "potentially damaging effects"

97. Manifesto reveals Buffalo suspect counted on Democrats' anti-gun laws to let him kill more people

98. Senate Democrats cancel 'disinformation' hearing after disastrous press around 'Ministry of Truth' czar

99. JAB 'EM YOUNG: FDA approves Pfizer's booster vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 without consulting vaccine advisory panel

100. White House agrees to reopen Abbott Laboratories' Michigan facility following recall of contaminated baby formulas