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1. It’s really easy to treat, prevent coronavirus naturally

2. ACADEMIC PURGE: Harvard students launch petition to revoke degrees from graduates who support Trump

3. Left-wing activists tried to goad Trump supporters into joining Capitol “insurrection”

4. Texas readies for lawsuits against Joe Biden’s incoming administration

5. Biden picks transgender who encouraged Covid-safe orgies as assistant health secretary

6. Screenshots from ‘Insurrection USA’ BLM activist John Sullivan s discord claim police let him in

7. CNN blows story about Virginia man arrested at police checkpoint in Washington, D.C.

8. Portuguese health worker passes away two days after receiving Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

9. People drank more, exercised less during UK’s first lockdown, scientists reveal

10. New wave of desert locust swarms threaten East Africa

11. 40% of L.A. firefighters decline to show up for coronavirus vaccine

12. The media’s incitement campaign against congress is what really radicalized Americans

13. What if Big Tech was censoring Black speech instead of conservative speech?

14. BREAKING: Investigators release huge bombshell that could change the entire narrative about January 6th

15. Situation Update, Jan 19th, 2021 – Declass delayed, DC militarization goes extreme, Haspel resigns, dirty bomb weapons specialist soldiers deployed

16. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants Congress to stamp out First Amendment to stop “false information” from spreading

17. Biden pick for top aide was once a visiting scholar at a front group for Chinese intelligence

18. Exposed: Left-wing insurrectionists planned to turn Trump rally into violent riot

19. Harvard’s Charles Lieber arrested for treason with communist China

20. FACT CHECK: Boogaloo Bois are actually far-left extremists, not Trump supporters

21. Former DNI John Ratcliffe confirms that China, not Russia, had a very large role interfering with our 2020 election

22. REPORT: China, Russia and others conspired in coordinated cyberwarfare attack to steal 2020 election

23. BACK TO THE TABLE: Iran expects US return to Obama nuclear deal under Biden

24. Mexican president vows to stand by Trump and push back against big tech censorship

25. Big Pharma kicks off 2021 with price hikes for popular drugs

26. Senate investigation finds Obama administration knowingly funded group linked to al-Qaida

27. China developing “killer satellites” and “directed energy weapons” to challenge US in space

28. Who didn’t see this coming? Speech Nazis want news outlets that don’t toe the liberal line blacklisted by cable providers

29. US enemies may be planning EMP attack as civil unrest hounds Capitol

30. Biden considers former Big Tech attorneys to lead DOJ’s antitrust division

31. Foreign leaders are now condemning US regime for brutal censorship of American citizens

32. A 12-Foot wall is going up around the Capitol to protect Joe Biden and that’s weird because I’ve been repeatedly told by Dems like Joe Biden that walls are immoral

33. FLASHBACK: 217 Antifa/BLM violent insurrectionists arrested during Trump s inauguration in 2017, duplicitous media, politicians called for understanding, not 25,000 troops

34. FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug ivermectin can kill the coronavirus within 48 hours, reports new study

35. Boosting your quercetin intake found to have heart-protective effects

36. Under pressure: Doctors are pressured to recommend opioids when asked much later in the day

37. Gab’s response to the ADL and CNN

38. Silence will be the next hate crime

39. Trump supporters cancel Amazon Prime subscriptions after Amazon kicks ‘Parler’ off its web hosting service and expresses support for Black Lives Matter

40. Situation Update, Jan. 18, 2021 – Game-changing intel grants Trump new pathways to VICTORY – (updated)

41. Brother of leftist who stormed U.S. Capitol says hundreds of Antifa members started the riot

42. Patriots, don t fall for the D.C. trap: Do NOT show up to Biden s election theft inaugural ARMED

43. AOC and the Dems are looking to abolish the First Amendment entirely, target all political opposition

44. Experts in epidemiology, occupational health, toxicology, physics and engineering agree: 5G radiation is toxic to humans

45. Apple announces $100 million “racial justice” donation to anti-white terrorists

46. Dorsey caught on tape admitting that Twitter was long “focused” on banning Trump and supporters

47. Chinese doctor: Sinopharm coronavirus jab “most unsafe in the world” with 73 side effects

48. Coronavirus outbreak ensues following vaccination of residents at nursing home

49. Venezuela claims to have made coronavirus treatment that is 100% effective and has no side effects

50. Eye-opening interview with Claire Edwards cautions against 5G, a dangerous “space weapon”