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1. Extreme fluoride toxicity exposed in federal lawsuit against the EPA

2. FDA finally admits that cocoa flavonols boost cardiovascular health

3. Border officials see significant increase in illegal crossings by Chinese nationals, increasing risk of ChiCom infiltration and spying

4. How organic farming practices preserve biodiversity in the natural world while growing healthy abundant food

5. Right Now with Ann Vandersteel: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer discusses the Kari Lake election saga – Brighteon.TV

6. China bans critical industries from purchasing Micron products for failing "cybersecurity review"

7. Bill Gates' former young lover closely linked with notorious Russian spy Anna Chapman

8. Before its collapse, Silicon Valley Bank gave over $70 million to Black Lives Matter, other woke causes: report

9. Anarcho-tyranny unleashed in the United States

10. U.S. government says it owns everyone's THOUGHTS, calling it "cognitive infrastructure"

11. RINOs in Texas legislature move to impeach 'America first' attorney general, Ken Paxton, who has battled against Big Pharma, Big Tech and the LGBT cult

12. Vindictive, weaponized federal government finally gets its revenge on Jan. 6 protesters with 18-year 'seditious conspiracy' conviction of patriot group leader

13. Left-wing lunatic professor who held NY Post reporter at bay with a machete fired from job

14. Left-wing extremism tied to antagonistic narcissism and psychotic tendencies, study says

15. Instead of fixing America's conventional food supply, CDC researchers plan to eliminate the term OBESITY and re-brand it a DISEASE, to avoid confusion

16. Target loses $9B in market value following BOYCOTTS launched against its LGBT Pride kids' clothing line

17. Home sales in China PLUMMET drastically, putting world's largest real estate market on the brink of COLLAPSE

18. Travel advisory issued by advocacy group warning parents to avoid “trans refuge” states

19. State-funded University of Texas managed censorship project targeting conservative outlets

20. Bud Light to sponsor pride parades despite ongoing boycott

21. After speaking with The Gateway Pundit this afternoon – Feds move in and transfer political prisoner Stewart Rhodes from DC Gulag to SHUT HIM UP – PHONE CALL AUDIO INCLUDED

22. DHS funding universities with taxpayer money to BRAINWASH students into believing that Christians and Republicans are "Nazis"

23. FDA anoints itself the arbiter of truth, despite misleading millions of Americans into injury and death

24. Gavin Newsom fumes at Target for removing satanic LGBT pride children's clothing from stores, accuses CEO of "selling out LGBTQ+ community"

25. SHAMELESS: The North Face doubles down on PERVERSE ad campaign despite public backlash

26. Climate Emergency Fund is an eco-money laundering scheme

27. CDC warns of possible monkeypox outbreak recurrence this summer – majority of new cases are in people vaccinated against the disease

28. Unhinged leftist who threatened NY Post reporter with MACHETE surrenders to NYPD

29. RFK Jr. to enrich workers and protect American industries by passing tariffs on foreign imports

30. AP-NORC POLL: Biden's approval rating plummets due to his gun control, illegal immigration and economic policies as reelection bid starts

31. Kari Lake vows to KEEP FIGHTING after Arizona judge dismissed her stolen election case

32. Leaked documents: Socialist Spain wants the EU to ban all end-to-end encryption

33. Loneliness increases risk of PREMATURE DEATH by nearly 30%, declared an EPIDEMIC by surgeon general

34. Personal safety and survival: How to respond to an active killer scenario

35. After cooperating with Feds at Twitter, Jack Dorsey invokes JFK call to destroy CIA, FBI, NSA

36. Rein in the FBI: Put an end to the FBI's Gestapo tactics

37. Greenwald: Regime journalists promote the 'right' conspiracy theories to be successful

38. MISSING OATHS: Biden officials are impostors who swear no allegiance to the United States (feat. Todd Callender)

39. NatWest bank now demanding that customers explain why they're withdrawing their own cash

40. Biden regime faces first-ever U.S. lawsuit over covid "vaccine" injuries, deaths

41. FBI says it doesn't care what anyone thinks: it will do whatever it wants, regardless of the law (or the truth)

42. Newt Gingrich says a debt default on Biden's watch will end his 2024 reelection bid

43. State Republican AGs threaten action against JPMorgan Chase for arbitrarily closing accounts and discriminating against clients

44. FBI's 'U-Haul-Nazi flag' stunt at White House barricade widely ridiculed as an obvious false flag

45. U.S. signs defense pact with Papua New Guinea amid concerns about China’s influence in the Pacific

46. Lack of research about chemical agents called SULFITES in food has resulted in an array of health implications for consumers

47. Kari Lake's legal challenge to 2022 election in Arizona fails with judge tossing final case: The steal is complete

48. Dr. Simone Gold: Violation of HUMAN RIGHTS of J6 defendants biggest civil rights issue facing America – Brighteon.TV

49. Aussie gov't demanded US tech firms CENSOR COVID-19 content over 4,000 times between 2017 and 2022

50. "Zuck bucks" staging the STEAL: Org funded by FB founder buying storage space for voting machines ahead of 2024 polls

51. EU authorities slap Meta with record $1.3B fine for data privacy law violations

52. Special Report: The Health Ranger and Steve Quayle discuss "The Last Days of the American Empire"

53. Here's how GINGER helps ease anxiety (recipes included)

54. JUST IN: Texas RINOs vote to recommend impeaching AG Ken Paxton – the lone GOP politician fighting against Democrat election fraud in the lone star state – OUTRAGEOUS AND TERRIFYING MOVE

55. Study links mRNA in COVID jabs to vaginal bleeding

56. Former Trump national security adviser warns that DEEP STATE operatives within the FBI, CIA and DOJ are planning to rig the 2024 elections

57. German authorities carry out nationwide raids against “nutty” climate activist group involved in criminal activities

58. DIRTY SHOTS: DNA contamination and cancer-causing agent SV40 found in mRNA vaccines

59. PLANDEMIC: Study reveals ventilator-acquired pneumonia killed millions – not COVID-19 as governments around the world claimed

60. Another attack on the food supply? USDA detects "atypical" case of mad cow disease in South Carolina

61. Copper-gold price ratio indicates unhealthy economy, raising possibility of RECESSION

62. US signs defense pact with Papua New Guinea to counter China's growing influence over Pacific nations

63. London mayor's office in charge of public transport system BANS WHITES from applying for internships

64. Report: Slanderous SPLC colluding with corrupt FBI to SMEAR Catholics, conservatives

65. SHTF bartering must-haves: 13 Things that will be in demand after an EMP attack

66. LinkedIn censors presidential candidate who says fossil fuels 'required for prosperity'

67. Microsoft Outlook wants you to change your theme to 'transgender'. Seriously.

68. Pride month is a cynical exercise in state-enforced homosexuality

69. Target loses $9B in week following boycott calls over LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing

70. Every corporation pushing LGBT on children HATES YOU: MLB, Target, Budweiser, Disney, and more

71. Aussies injured by COVID jabs file first ever class action lawsuit against drug pushers who promised "safe and effective" vaccines

72. The North Face unleashes trans-pushing commercial with adult drag queen demanding that children "come out!"

73. Not all pain should be treated with NSAIDs

74. Calvin Klein goes full-on Bud Light, releases ad featuring morbidly obese trans "man" in sports bra

75. Obesity Industrial Complex pushes junk food on children so they grow up to become pharmaceutical junkies

76. Boycott threat prompts Target to remove perverse, pedophilic LGBT clothing for children from some stores

77. Black Lives Matter financially imploding as founder and her family reportedly pillage funds

78. John Kerry says farmers need to stop growing food in order to achieve "net zero" climate goals

79. Dr. Jane Ruby STAT: Government protects killer doctors by granting them blanket immunity – Brighteon.TV

80. The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. James Greenblatt calls for HOLISTIC APPROACH in addressing mental health – Brighteon.TV

81. FDA warns against using COVID-19 at-home test due to bacterial contamination

82. PLANDEMIC measures are all about DEPOPULATION: Study links face masks to increased risk of stillbirths

83. Corporate America experiencing BANKRUPTCY BOOM as recession looms

84. Biden says US WON'T DECOUPLE from China during G7 meeting in Japan

85. Pentagon CIO takes over all 5G-related military activities, expansion of 5G pilot programs amid privacy concerns

86. Health Ranger Report: J6 defendant John Strand plans to appeal UNJUST sentence that could sentence him to 20 years behind bars

87. 18 Popular US-made soft contact lenses found to contain high levels of harmful PFAS

88. Injured COVID jab recipients sue governments, Big Pharma in pursuit of restitution

89. Pediatricians are pushing "vaccines" because of Big Pharma bribe money – here's the evidence

90. Time to collect for Bill: Clinical trial for Gates-funded microneedle vaccine patch deemed "successful"

91. Report: Doctors KILL more people than cancer

92. House Republicans say NO to Biden's electric vehicle tyranny, call it an "ill-considered effort"

93. Arizona Republicans ban the state from using electronic voting machines in future federal elections

94. Hillary Clinton: Joe Biden's AGE is a legitimate issue to consider ahead of 2024 presidential elections

95. TWO THUMBS-DOWN: Female high-school athlete loses spot in state championship to TRANS competitor

96. Dylan Mulvaney HANGOVER: Bud Light buying back nearly-expired beer as fallout from disastrous publicity stunt persists

97. ACTS OF TERROR: Ukraine's intel chief admits his government has MURDERED "quite a few" Russian civilians

98. Mexico preparing to evacuate millions of people due to Popocatepetl's ongoing volcanic activity

99. Studies show antioxidant-rich foods can help reduce risk of skin cancer

100. Common disinfectant wipes may contain DANGEROUS CHEMICALS, warn researchers