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1. DEMONIC, Luciferian Grammy awards sponsored by Pfizer

2. PREP Act passed in 2020 to protect everyone EXCEPT those injured by vaccines

3. As gas prices rise for 5th straight week, experts warn high prices will persist through summer

4. Green energy projects financially COLLAPSING around the world: Siemens wind turbine manufacturer latest casualty

5. Ontario student suspended from school for vocalizing belief in biological sex ARRESTED for "trespassing" while trying to attend class

6. Taylor Swift says murdering babies in the womb is a "Christian value"

7. Woke liberals are teaching AI systems to hate white people

8. John Birch Society's Christian Gomez reveals plot to destroy the American Republic via ConCon, Article V

9. Communist China admits to flying spy balloon over military sites

10. Gas storage facility in Germany SHUT DOWN following high-pressure flaring

11. Beleaguered Western buyers relying on China's refined lead, zinc

12. Satanic Temple to open free abortion clinic in New Mexico

13. Archaeologists discover 5,000-year-old tavern in southern Iraq's Lagash site

14. Phytonutrients: Natural compounds in plant foods that help lower cancer risk

15. Gun control kills people

16. Martyr Made

17. Threat of EMP attack on U.S. detailed in 2013 - a decade before Chinese 'spy' balloons that could deliver EMP weapon spotted over U.S.

18. Covid jab spike proteins get "delivered" to ALL bodily organs, resulting in hyper-accelerated aging

19. The dying of the West: Lake Mead and Lake Powell may not refill "in our lifetimes" warn experts

20. Pete Santilli: Mark Houck case a clear example of government overreach against Christian conservatives

21. Hunter Biden admits ownership of "laptop from hell," requests federal probe for data theft

22. Global financial system will collapse on itself, warns Gregory Mannarino

23. FedEx announces end of SameDay City delivery service as demand plunges

24. Oil prices to rise above $100 a barrel this year due to lack of investment in energy production capacity

25. Many American farmers have shut down operations due to inflation

26. First scientist to edit babies' genes ADMITS pursuing the procedure without fully knowing possible consequences

27. High-fat diet and junk food rewire the brain and regulate appetite

28. Congress is set to expose what may be the largest censorship system in U.S. history

29. Hate bot ChatGPT shows you the evil within big tech (and Republicans who protect them)

30. Maher: 'Woke revolution' is a lot like Mao's cultural revolution

31. This is America's culture now…

32. Governments deploy "nudge unit" to psychologically brainwash people into embracing "net zero society"

33. Global warming cult says surgery patients should receive less anesthesia to save the planet

34. VIDEO: Thousands killed in Turkey, Syria following massive quake that struck with no warning

35. Montana officials deny explosion over Billings during "Chinese weather balloon" incident

36. EXPOSED: Globalists want everyone eating crickets because their exoskeletons contain CHITIN that parasites and pathogens use for protection when infecting humans and animals

37. ChatGPT AI taught to single out 'hateful content' by silencing whites, Republicans and MEN: Research

38. Some things never change: Documentary reveals similarities between 1930s pre-Holocaust and 2020s COVID propaganda

39. Project Veritas temporarily locked out of Twitter after posting video asking YouTube exec about censorship

40. DEAD RISING: AI-powered ChatGPT to connect the living and the dead

41. FOOD DESTRUCTION: Canadian farmer forced to dump 30K liters of milk amid surging dairy prices

42. UK government now paying Britons NOT to use electricity

43. Economic collapse incoming: Sweden hit with wave of bankruptcy filings

44. Credit card debt SURGES to record-high $930.6 billion and will keep increasing due to inflation, interest rates

45. Unarmed self-defense strategies for dangerous situations

46. The stuff of nightmares unfolding in America as globalists rush us towards all-out civil war - The more divided the country, the easier to complete our annihilation and overthrow in WW3

47. Ukraine will use the weapons to attack Moscow – they lied

48. Climate hysteria: They must destroy our food supply to force us to eat bugs and bodies

49. Far-right extremist suggests treating people of all races equally (Babylon Bee SATIRE)

50. Russia exposes Ukrainian biolab operator Metabiota and its connections to the Pentagon, Hunter Biden, EcoHealth Alliance, and the WEF

51. Terrifying: Chinese 'spy balloons' seen as dry run for nuclear EMP attack

52. Explosion reported in Montana skies hours after Chinese spy balloon was reported

53. BBC and other "Ministry of Truth" propaganda outlets are directly responsible for 20 million excess deaths caused by covid "vaccines"

54. Concerns rise that U.S. is depleting war stocks in Ukraine as China prepares for war over Taiwan

55. Ben Armstrong: Bombshell report from Naomi Wolf exposed Pfizer's illegal COVID vaccine trial on 61 kids

56. Cartel now in complete control of Arizona state government, Kari Lake warns

57. Doctors are JUST SAYING NO to covid "booster" shots

58. Biden regime prepared to once again escalate war in Ukraine with another upgraded weapons package

59. South Africa could suspend all further covid vaccinations due to safety concerns

60. HUGE: World War III escalates as corrupt US officials seek to protect their criminal operations and bioweapons research in Ukraine

61. Bombshell news about Pfizer's covid jab causing infertility leads to #Pfertility hashtag going viral

62. 'Satanic' pro-abortion statue honoring late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being erected to pro-life Texas

63. Parents may take legal action after their kids were booted from National Air and Space Museum over pro-life hats

64. Secret factory in Poland now repairing Ukrainian armor, artillery and equipment to send it back to the front lines

65. Precious metals scams? High demand for gold and silver has some companies inflating pricing for "numismatic" coins and bars... learn before you buy

66. Democrat officials in Minnesota are threatening to revoke Dr. Scott Jensen's medical license because he spoke out about inflated covid numbers

67. Newsweek calls on scientific community to admit "we were wrong" about covid

68. Trump called on Biden to 'shoot down' suspected Chinese spy balloon discovered floating over central U.S.

69. Cardiologist ignores medical literature, claims MSNBC host's sudden myocarditis and pericarditis came from the common cold

70. The OVERTON WINDOW: How mainstream media is now forced to admit Covid jabs are deadly, but only in a "catch-and-release" format to keep their sheeple in line

71. Chinese spy balloon that flew over Montana could be used to carry EMP or nuclear weapons

72. Fake meat firms collapsing due to lower sales, anti-woke backlash

73. Denmark plans to implement mandatory conscription for women to meet NATO's membership requirement

74. The revolution comes to Juilliard

75. On hidden camera, Pfizer director expressed concern about covid jab-induced menstrual irregularities; "the scandal would be enormous"

76. DUMPSTER DINNERS: Brits now seeking out EXPIRED food to consume as they cope with meteoric rise in food prices

77. WOKE ACADEMIA: Princeton student says school's new ban on cheating "unfairly targets" non-whites

78. WARMING IS GOOD: Slight warming in Arctic, sub-Arctic seas boosts biodiversity, study finds

79. Warning as Merck's COVID-19 pill molnupiravir is reportedly causing new mutations of the virus

80. More people are rapidly leaving crime-ridden, high-cost cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago

81. Water Wars: Colorado River basin states fail to reach consensus on water usage cuts

82. NYPD to use "Robocop-style" patrol cars with 360-degree cameras

83. AI startup under fire after trolls used its voice cloning tool to make celebrities say "offensive things"

84. US, NATO using discredited domino theory to justify sending even more taxpayer-funded arms shipments to Ukraine

85. First bite: Soft serve ice cream with mealworm topping debuts in Sweden

86. Using artificial sweeteners for weight loss can increase diabetes risk, warn researchers

87. BREAKING: Project Veritas LOCKED out of Twitter after confronting YouTube exec over ban on Pfizer expose

88. Satanic Temple opens abortion clinic where patients undergo 'religious ritual' before pregnancy termination

89. Those attacks on gas stoves aren't really about health

90. The cancellation of a civilization

91. Propaganda: Biden's Treasury Dept. claims no U.S. funds are being misused in Ukraine in latest push to justify more aid

92. Electric vehicles are a SCAM – here's why

93. Black Swan financial manager is preparing for "mega-tinderbox timebomb" event that will crash economy

94. 11 of the world's most violent cities are in the U.S. and they all have one thing in common -- one party runs them

95. Check out Episode 1: Financial Collapse of "Breaking Point," a new Brighteon documentary series

96. EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff spills the beans to Mike Adams about DARPA, bioweapons and their ties to Wuhan

97. Hollywood VAX BRAINWASH: No more movies made until every actor, director, and producer gets the clot shots in the name of "humanity's better nature"

98. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla made "misleading" statements about covid jabs for children

99. The FDA works for Pfizer, helps fast track their drug approvals in an anti-competitive way

100. CDC surveillance program allows government to track unvaccinated people when they see their doctors, go to the hospital