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1. Two bombshell interviews: John Moore reveals military knowledge of civilization-ending global event, while attorney Thomas Renz warns of coming tidal wave of vaccine mandate lawsuits

2. CDC admits that "fully vaccinated" Americans are super-spreaders carrying deadly variants and high viral loads

3. FDA document admits "covid" PCR test was developed without isolated covid samples for test calibration, effectively admitting it's testing something else

4. In Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, HALF of all new "delta" infections are occurring in "fully vaccinated" people

5. Texas Dems demand that all Americans be made to take COVID-19 vaccine as party exploits pandemic for tyrannical power play

6. Local government in Philippines declares that unvaccinated people are barred from purchasing FOOD

7. Thai government approves green chiretta herb as treatment for covid

8. America's debt bomb set to explode thanks to massive new spending as Democrats, Republicans eye more multi-trillion dollar "stimulus" packages

9. Covid vaccines make the virus MORE dangerous for the vaccinated, especially Pfizer's viral vector jab

10. Olympian Simone Biles being celebrated by warped left-wing counter culture for dropping OUT of Olympic games instead of competing

11. CDC flip-flops with new recommendation that all Americans wear a mask indoors, AGAIN

12. CDC director warns COVID-19 virus may be "a few mutations" away from evading vaccine

13. LA requires city employees to take the coronavirus vaccine or get tested weekly

14. 6 Edible succulents to grow on your balcony

15. MORE CROP FAILURES: Brazil’s corn crops compromised by frost in second bout of unusually cold temperatures this year

16. Facebook to require COVID-19 vaccination for workers returning to its US offices

17. Eating a plant-based diet can help protect against COVID-19, researchers find

18. As a 'Big Pharma' induced medical catastrophe unfolds across America, radical leftist threatens to 'treat Republicans like Nazis did the Jews' and 'be as murderous as possible'

19. CRT takedown: Victims of woke discrimination join forces, launching multiple lawsuits

20. CNN just declared that unvaccinated people should be starved to death

21. Dr. Mercola serves legal notice to New York Times, demands disinfo rag stop publishing blatant lies to smear him

22. Influential American Postal Workers Union opposes federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate

23. Biden LIES about surge in COVID-19 deaths among vaccinated, blames unvaccinated

24. Prepping tips: What you can learn from the rich on preparing for SHTF events

25. TSA says only two people agreed to pay fines for not wearing masks while on airplanes

26. Amazon delivery van ransacked, LOOTED by Los Angeles thugs in broad daylight

27. More child guinea pigs needed: FDA asks for more children to take part in experimental trials of deadly coronavirus vaccines

28. BIG TECH, BIG KILL: Google and Facebook just announced mandatory vaccines for all their own employees, unleashing a spike protein death wave that will devastate their own ranks

29. Deep state mouthpiece Washington Post to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for its own employees

30. Border Patrol is releasing undocumented migrants infected with coronavirus

31. Researchers discover what may be the largest land drawings ever made

32. 8 Must-have foods for your survival stockpile

33. New evidence suggests COVID vaccine may *SPREAD* the virus: NBC News report deleted from USA Today article

34. The CDC admits: PCR tests cannot differentiate between CORONAVIRUSES

35. Podcaster says he was offered 'significant' money by UK government to push COVID info (i.e. propaganda)

36. At least one California inmate pregnant as 'transgender' convicts move into women's prisons

37. BREAKING: CDC, FDA faked "covid" testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments... PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold

38. NUREMBERG 2.0: Biden's corrupt DOJ just declared experimental vaccine mandates LEGAL... forced experimental injections will now commence

39. California water regulators cut off water supplies to select farmers and ranchers as WATER RATIONING accelerates

40. MEDICAL TSUNAMI: Medical industry collapse now imminent in US with mandatory blood-clotting Covid death jabs for all healthcare workers in CCP-run Blue states

41. While they scare you with "variants," Congress wants to make dietary supplements prescription only - TAKE ACTION NOW

42. German newspaper APOLOGIZES for pushing COVID lockdown hysteria and harming society

43. Are Western health officials inflating daily COVID hospitalizations to justify more authoritarian lockdowns and mandates?

44. After failing to ban kratom domestically, the FDA is now pushing the UN and the WHO to ban it globally

45. Health care workers being BRIBED to post scripted, word-for-word copycat warnings over "delta" variant

46. Wuhan lab director: Several high-level biosafety labs in China have insufficient operational funds

47. Moderna rep: Everyone taking COVID-19 vaccine is "pretty much" part of a clinical trial

48. Majority of UK COVID-19 hospitalizations only tested positive AFTER admission

49. Medical school professors are no longer allowed to teach biological differences between males and females due to "woke" politics taking over medicine

50. Kuwait bans overseas travel for unvaccinated people

51. Biden administration mulls COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal workers amidst surge of "cases" following widespread vaccinations

52. Some states resume paying out federal benefits after citizens sue

53. Scientist fired after he finds out that dinosaur fossil was less than a million years old

54. New study claims electric vehicles pollute less than fossil fuel cars, but their batteries are another story

55. From Stroessner to Syngenta: Paraguay's soy conflicts

56. Bombshell Report: FBI plotted to kidnap Whitmer and then blamed it on conservatives

57. Post-vaccine horror: Blood clot victims develop severe headache, pain, then shortness of breath just 6 days after J&J vaccination

58. CDC now admits that everything it pushed to "cure" COVID-19 has failed, including "vaccines"

59. Department of Veterans Affairs mandates coronavirus vaccines for all health care workers

60. St. Louis County Council votes to overturn mask mandate

61. New Jersey parents sue state to stop future school mask mandates

62. GREAT NEWS: Natural immunity to coronavirus is comprehensive and DURABLE – study

63. Sydney extends lockdown as post-vaccine coronavirus outbreak surges

64. Indians forced to turn to crowdfunding to pay for COVID-19 hospital bills

65. Northern Ireland suspends vaccine passport system following data exposure incident

66. How to make survival energy bars from scratch

67. The vaccine holocaust is well underway with globalists at war with 7.8 billion people: They've used two main bioweapons on us, a lab engineered virus and often deadly 'vaccines'

68. Segregation returns to America as universities threaten, harass, intimidate unvaxxed students

69. 10th lawsuit filed against Merck, alleging Gardasil HPV vaccine caused serious injuries

70. Twitter suspends 2020 election audit accounts for multiple states

71. CDC confesses: Vaccines are failing, the vaxxed can be super-spreaders, demands return to mask mandates for everyone, including the vaxxed

72. CDC confesses to COVID-19 "vaccines" being a medical HOAX... vaxxed individuals shown to have HIGHER viral loads and can be super-spreaders

73. "Fully vaccinated" medical worker had to have both legs amputated following jab-induced arterial blood clots

74. RUH-ROH: California counties with highest vaccination rates also have highest delta infection rates

75. Bad news for the vaxxed: The official vaccine narrative IMPLODING: CDC warns that virus is evading the vaccines; masks and quarantines now required for all

76. 'Trump dossier' author Christopher Steele involved in group seeking to clamp down on citizens with authoritarian COVID restrictions

77. Psycho medical tyrant Dr. Leana Wen demands 100% COMPLIANCE of all Americans with perpetual masks and vaccine passports

78. MEMORY HOLE: USA Today buries its own report that says vaccinated individuals have "higher levels" of coronavirus than the unvaccinated

79. UH-OH: Scientists say coronavirus more likely to attach itself to human cells than SARS, thanks to HIV-like "mutation"

80. Video game allows player to "disinfect" cities of anti-lockdown protesters and "save lives" by blowing them up with thermite grenades

81. People who received "placebo" injections during covid vaccine trials will have same privileges as "fully" vaccinated, says UK government

82. Anthony Fauci defends funding Wuhan bat coronavirus research that focused on gain-of-function breakthroughs to infect human cells

83. The number of cities and school districts enforcing mask mandates is rapidly growing as CDC authorities admit vaccines are failing

84. Protesters call Macron a tyrant following brutal new COVID-19 mandates

85. The New American joins Brighteon with fascinating new content

86. BioNTech CEO pushes for booster doses, says vaccine protection wanes after 7 months, implying that the answer to a failed product is MORE of it

87. World's largest floating solar farm to be built in Indonesia

88. 7 Reasons to own a bugout bag

89. Things to keep in mind to avoid natural diseases after SHTF

90. American Booksellers Association says recommending literature that Cult of LGBTQ finds "offensive" is a form of violence

91. 15 Items you should have in your emergency bag

92. Study: Artificial covid vaccine "immunity" wanes after just six weeks

93. Mass obedience to “contact tracing” app and fraudulent covid PCR testing is destroying the UK economy, decimating supply chains

94. Most new COVID-19 cases in California are occurring in the most vaccinated counties

95. POLL: Parents 'unlikely' to get their children vaccinated against COVID-19, citing risks of vaccine adverse reactions

96. Federal government advises against traveling to high vaccination countries because of surging covid outbreaks there

97. More European nations introducing policies to prevent the unvaccinated from rejoining public life

98. Australia insists on using FALSE coronavirus tests that cost $1 billion in tax money

99. Helge Braun: Vaccinated people will definitely have more freedom than unvaccinated people

100. Elected county officials in MI who gave themselves $65,000 in COVID hazard payments return the money public outrage